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How to host multiple WordPress sites in your VPS

18 May, 2018
Wordpress VPS


Nowadays deploy a website in many hosting can be expensive and we have to dependence that their support for any change o to fixed anything. As my blog to be a blog to become an expert I want to teach you how you could save money to host all websites in a private VPS.


This  guide has some requeriments for deploy your websites:

First we have to have a VPS. I recomend OVH, if you don´t have many trafic ( less 50k per mounth and you don´t have a huge puntual trafic ) if you have more trafic, You should think to deploy other kind of cloud service like amazon EC2 with load balance, autoescalability, etc.., check this post whether you want to have more information.

VPS Requerimients

  • Operating System Ubuntu LTS 16.04 or 18.04
  • Architecture 64-bit
  • Kernel >= 3.2
  • Virtualization Any (except OpenVZ on RHEL 6 or earlier due to its old kernel)
  • Memory >= 256 MB

OVH have three kinds of VPS that depents your requeriments. For example if you have 10 wordpress but only 200 sesions per day ( 2000 sesions per day) is posible that you can work with the cheaper solution. Check this table with all comparative about my expericence.

— Insert Table —

What is serverpilot

I guess that you are a very good devop but this solution is very fast, auto configuring and why not, very easy. Serverpilot its a app like is connect with your vps and make your life easier. Why? Because they do all the things bored for you. Serverpilot can install all the requirements and apps in your VPS, install WordPress ( If you want to install other application you can do that).

First step is create one account, (its very easy so I don’t explain this step, remember “next,next and next one more time”) After that your will see this page with different options:

In our case, we have to connect with our server.